America … What do you do when the President Lies?

Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union by destroying its economy. The moment Reagan said: ”Mr. Gorbachev tear down this Wall” a plan for Al Qaeda was born. They know they can’t attack us from abroad. They have figured out a way to destroy us from within. This strategy worked against the Soviet Union, and now against us. We have always assumed our leaders wanted to strengthen this Country. The reality is that’s no longer the case.

Obamacare does nothing to strengthen this country. It only puts us further in debt. Then it’s announced student loans will be forgiven. That’s over a trillion dollars that we can’t afford. Throw in the immigration crisis, and we are headed towards a financial collapse. Leaders use to make decisions that brought strength to our economy. They weren’t always good decisions, but were made with good intentions. As this country and the world get weaker. Those who wish us harm grow stronger. Whether you believe this is intentional or not. Incompetence or treason will bring us down the same. When incompetent decisions are made in a company, that decision maker is fired.

when a president lies

When a President Lies

This economy is created by the people for the people. Not for corrupt leaders of other countries, and certainly not ours. Everything we work for is being thrown away. One hundred thousand kids don’t get up, and decide to take a stroll across Mexico. Why didn’t Mexico arrest them for crossing into their country? I don’t know Mr. Kerry why didn’t they? The amount of money this will cost is astronomical. Not to mention the bad guys crossing with these kids. The extremist have said for decades they want to bring War to America. Well this time we can’t say we didn’t see it coming. I can assure you it’s coming, and ignoring it won’t stop it. Ask yourself are we stronger than before the election? Is the enemy stronger than before the election?

Law makers threaten law suits that are a waste of time. They know it would take years to see the inside of a court room. The president has built a wall of protection around him. He appoints the head of the DOJ, CIA, Homeland Security, IRS, and the NSA. That’s just to name a few, but does anyone see the danger here. If that’s not a conflict of interest what is? Does our president really love this country? I know six years ago his wife wasn’t proud to be American. Whether his loyalty is to this country or not? No man should have that kind of influence on anyone. Especially the agencies responsible for the defense of this country. These dept heads scratch his back anytime they can. You don’t have to flood government with bad people. You just put who you need in the right place. They have grown bold with the laws they break. They think they are untouchable.

Washington they are tearing down our wall, and you must stop it. Stop talking and making threats. Your credibility with our people, and the future of our country is at stake. In June of 2012 I shared information that might be of use. The players are different but on the same team. The good news is it’s all on tape. It’s an interview I had with the Pasadena police department. It was myself and Sgt Merritt. We discussed how some of the bad guys are sneaking in. What we discussed isn’t even the tip of the spear. It’s time for the truth to be revealed. Our border is not the only thing that needs secured. The freedom of information act gives you access to that tape. How about using it to protect these kids. God Bless each and everyone, and may God Bless this country…

Semper Fi – Shep

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