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Nancy Pelosi Kills Kirk Douglas

Follow Us Kirk Douglas — renowned actor and father of Michael Douglas, with a decorated career spanning more than six decades — has died. Kirk passed Wednesday night after Nancy Pelosi disrespected the USA with her tantrum and disrespect during and after the President’s State of the Union Address. Kirk’s health had been in decline. In 1996 he suffered a… Read more →

One of the Most Thought Provoking Liberal Articles I have ever read.

Follow Us Some of the people on the left still have minds of their own, I am almost shocked.   SOURCE My Fellow Liberals, Don’t Support Obama’s Terror Watch List Gun Ban The president is pushing for a law to stop people on terror watch lists from purchasing firearms. But these lists should give us pause—especially if they deprive people… Read more →

Is America Lost?

Follow Us We see it every day in the news. Another law passed restricting our rights. We see even more blatant infringements on our personal liberties and government scandal after scandal. There will come a time when TV is no longer able to mollify the people. They will eventually come to the conclusion that our government has lost its way.… Read more →

A Failed Presidency?

Follow Us   Scathing List of Obama’s Accomplishments as First Black President Everyone should stop trashing President Barack Obama. He has quite the list of accomplishments. Obama has exceeded any other President that has come before him. Here’s the impressive list of his hard earned accomplishments: First President to have a social security number from a state he has never… Read more →

America … What do you do when the President Lies?

Follow Us Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union by destroying its economy. The moment Reagan said: ”Mr. Gorbachev tear down this Wall” a plan for Al Qaeda was born. They know they can’t attack us from abroad. They have figured out a way to destroy us from within. This strategy worked against the Soviet Union, and now against us.… Read more →