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Norway Has Finally Had Enough Of Radical Muslims

Follow Us Norway Has Finally Had Enough Of Radical Muslims, So They Deported Them All. What Happened Next… Predictable When Norway decided to instate this drastic policy, they knew they would see positive outcomes and benefits for their country, but they never expected this amazing and surprising result. You need to hear what happened in Norway when the country decided… Read more →

Is America Lost?

Follow Us We see it every day in the news. Another law passed restricting our rights. We see even more blatant infringements on our personal liberties and government scandal after scandal. There will come a time when TV is no longer able to mollify the people. They will eventually come to the conclusion that our government has lost its way.… Read more →

America … What do you do when the President Lies?

Follow Us Ronald Reagan brought down the Soviet Union by destroying its economy. The moment Reagan said: ”Mr. Gorbachev tear down this Wall” a plan for Al Qaeda was born. They know they can’t attack us from abroad. They have figured out a way to destroy us from within. This strategy worked against the Soviet Union, and now against us.… Read more →

It’s a Dark Day in Ferguson (America)

Follow Us I want to preference this article with my personal thoughts. I don’t believe that America hates Blacks. But watching Ferguson and the people protesting, rioting, whining and the hate coming from those Black American’s sickens me. It turns me into the exact fictitious thing they are talking about, a racist. The bullshit that they are spewing, the hate,… Read more →