Gallery of Wonder and Mayhem

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I am going to move each gallery to a new page.

OK, So I have decided to add a wonderful gallery page to the website for all the pictures that I have within the blog posts and other unpublished images, including images outside of rifles I own. I will have a firearms gallery and other ones as I see fit. Now I know everyone is thinking “Well what fun is that”? But in reality it is a lot of fun! Because there are a lot of really cool pictures out there on the internet and believe it or not, photography is one of my favorite hobbies; next to firearms and the ladies.

Now, I wish I was a professional photographer with a professional gallery. I wish I had a beautiful woman to photograph in beautiful clothes and they could model with my firearms, now that would be awesome (Any ladies want to model just message me)! But alas, I don’t, so I am just going to have to plug along the old fashioned way and take pictures of my guns posted on the floor or on a chair because, well I can’t photograph them with me holding them, yet; no timer. Though I am looking at purchasing a stand to hold rifles so I can then take pictures of them and even a nice cloth background. Anyway, all that aside, I believe that the best way to celebrate images is with an image gallery page!

H&K PSG1 Gallery Image


So, I will be working on this page to get it up to par with the rest of the site and then add collections, or collections of galleries, to put on this page. I think the end result will be pretty interesting and if not, well I can always delete them and try something else! As with all things on this web page, it will be filled with stuff I like. Which will probably be firearms. Some astronomy pictures. Maybe even some women in scantily clad clothing, because that’s always worth looking at. It’s genetics so don’t blame me. It’s not like I am writing this website for men only. I just happen to be a man that likes women and looking at women which means posting pictures of women to share with my fellow men and women! I might even throw in some pictures of Jet’s and UFO’s and SciFi images and images about Movies and the potential is truly UNLIMITED! I might even throw in some pictures for the ladies if they send me suggestions on what they would like to see, because just because I like women doesn’t mean I know what pictures they like to look at.