HK USP 45 Compact

HK USP 45 Compact

This is one of my daily carry handguns, the HK USP 45 caliber compact. Heckler & Koch is known world wide as one of the top firearms makers in the world. not only do they have an impressive history and reputation for making some of the best firearms in the world, but their firearms are probably one of the most duplicated world wide. Even their older model guns are still replicated and sold as modern, quality firearms as shown with my PTR 91 which is a replica of the HK 91, which for all intents and purposes is a Heckler & Koch 91 (it’s made with the original HK machinery, with a few modernizations thrown in).

But, let’s get back to this HK USP 45 Compact! I carry this using a UBG Custom Holster which is made from Elephant skin leather. That skin was used to increase the strength of the holster and is acquired from the carcass of poached elephants, so all you PETA people don’t get upset at me. I would never condone the killing of such an animal simply to acquire skin to make a holster. Frankly, I would make a holster out of the skins of the poachers if they’d let me, but that’s another story. Oh and before I move on I also don’t condone any hunting of none game species, meaning lions, tigers and those, but I am an avid meat hunter; Deer, Doves, Quail, Rabbit, Chucker they are all fair game, so once again, you PETA people can be upset at me about liking to hunt if you like, at least I eat them, and frankly it’s now cheaper than buying beef these days.

Anyway, along with the gun, I put new sights on it. because it is a daily carry firearm, I wanted sights that allowed me to quickly acquire the target if forced to engage with my weapon and I have found that the HiViz helps with that fast target acquisition. having bright fiber-optic sights that are two contrasting colors helps align the sights in a fast acquisition situation and improves accuracy along with muscle memory. These sights also work well at night as they are bright enough without direct sunlight, or so I have observed in locations I have been, it might very for you.

This gun also have had some trigger work done to tighten up the trigger and smooth the action which helps improve accuracy and reduce trigger pull. I have thought about getting it Cerakoted, but plan on getting my SBR Rifle done first as I have plans for that one!


Dimensions 9 mm x 19 .40 S&W .45 AUTO
Overall length 6.81 in. 6.81 in. 7.09 in.
Overall height 5.00 in. 5.00 in. 5.06 in.
Overall width 1.14 in. 1.14 in. 1.14 in.
Barrel length 3.58 in. 3.58 in. 3.80 in.
Sight radius 5.35 in. 5.35 in. 5.83 in.
Without magazine 1.47 lb 1.47 lb 1.60 lb
With empty magazine 1.60 lb 1.71 lb 1.76 lb
Other Specifications
Magazine capacity 13 Cartridges 12 Cartridges 8 Cartridges
Trigger System SA/DA, DAO SA/DA, DAO SA/DA, DAO
Trigger Pull 20 N (SA)
51 N (DA)
20 N (SA)
51 N (DA)
20 N (SA)
51 N (DA)
Sights Fixed Fixed Fixed

HK USP 45 Compact HK USP 45 Compact HK USP 45 Compact PTR 91 & HK USP 45 C

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