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OK, here you go! I created a page just for you! Like what you see? Hate what you see? Contact me!

How about suggestions for me to give you my thoughts on a subject? Even if I disagree, I am more than willing to share with you what I think about whatever. If it’s out there, I have an opinion on it, or I can form one in a matter of seconds. All you have to do is fill in the form below and it will contact me and off we go! Some of the best information on the web you will find right here, in my mind. Oh yeah, I got it all up here. You know that movie Lucky that is coming out? It’s based on me, yup. All you got to do is contact me and I’ll write up my thoughts. Heck, I don’t even need you to contact me because I already know what you’re going to ask, but feel free to contact me anyway just so we can test the theory 🙂

Hopefully the form works, because even though I know everything in the Universe, just like Lucy, I might not know how to do HTML and CSS very well, uh huh. But alas, once again I am wondering if this is a great idea, but not really. The Internet is full of a lot of unique people on it and while I might not agree with everyone, I do remember the good old days when the Internet was just a bunch of government agencies and universities tied together by modems, BBS (Bulletin Board Systems) and 300BAUD modems no less!

I ran a BBS for many years and it was one of the best times of my childhood. Though I always wished I could afford a US Robotics 9600 baud modem and then when 56k modems came out, wow! Hell, some days I still pine for a 56k modem since the internet where I live sucks so incredibly bad it is disgusting (Windstream, you suck!). To live in the USA in the 21st Century and have monopolies on Internet access and pay for 5MB of service and only get 56K transfer rates at certain times is pathetic. Then, when you contact them, it’s always something and it’s always just about to get fixed. Windstream, talk about being guilty and knowing it; gave me $10 off a month for a year because they knew about the problem and were working om fixing it. Ha. A year came and no change, I moved on to a higher cost wireless service and while it is slightly better, I still can’t watch Youtube videos at even 470p resolution; it’s not asking much. American’s need to push our government and large companies and stop this monopolistic Internet access system that compared to the rest of the world or most of it, sucks and it’s sad. I hear every day how America is the power of the world, well we need to start acting like it!

Anyway, reach out and contact me, I’d love to hear from you! (H-U-G = Here You Go)!