It’s a Dark Day in Ferguson (America)



I want to preference this article with my personal thoughts. I don’t believe that America hates Blacks. But watching Ferguson and the people protesting, rioting, whining and the hate coming from those Black American’s sickens me. It turns me into the exact fictitious thing they are talking about, a racist. NAACPThe bullshit that they are spewing, the hate, the rhetoric, so blatantly inaccurate and untruthful doesn’t advance their cause. It just sickens people like myself that would otherwise lament that it was a bad situation that happened. But because of their actions I find myself angry, divided and sickened. I wish the entire Black Population would pick up their bootstraps and get an education, stop using drugs, stop drinking, stop fighting with the police, stop blaming everyone else but themselves and start to earn the respect they so desire. When I see Al Sharpton STRUT around before his so called ‘eulogy” for Michael Brown I get sick to my stomach. How could Obama appoint a race-baiter like that to be his eyes and ears in this situation is unfathomable. It makes me think he is just as bad as Sharpton and them. After all, he did go to a church that spewed hate against White’s and America for almost 20 years.
Ferguson Race Riots

Ferguson Race Riots

Anyway, as I have been watching the Ferguson riots, protests and general unrest I have to say, I am utterly appalled at the American people in that region, but especially the Black Americans. Since the 1960’s there has been a fundamental disconnect within American society when it comes to race. Most families, white families that I know, were not brought up to be judgmental of Blacks. They had Black friends, Mexican friends, Asian friends, you name it and they didn’t judge their Black friends based on their skin color. Sure, there are racists, there are racists in every country, of every ethnicity in the world; America is no different, except when it comes to Black Americans themselves. Black American neighborhoods are riff with hate. Hate against other Black’s. Hate against Whites. Hate against Jews, Asians, Old, Young, you name it. Not all, but a lot, a lot more than is normal and healthy. I have been there, I have seen it and I have encountered it and it is sad. It tears at the soul, but what absolutely sickens me, is the hypocrisy the Black’s in Ferguson have shown. They are doing the exact thing they ranted against before the civil rights movement.

Lynch Him

Lynch Him

They are calling for the lynching of a man before the truth has even been examined. They are citing facts that are not based on anything. They are calling for justice when they really mean vengeance. They look at the justice system through tainted lenses. Since when does rioting further a cause? Since when does violence do anything but harden it’s target? If there is an underlying hatred among Black Americans against whites, it is of their own making. The fear of looking at their own faults in the mirror and the lack of courage to resolve them is the real issue. If they continue to take the easy path of liqueur, drugs, robbery and violence, then they will continue to see the world through those same tented lenses and nothing will change.

As sad as that might sound, it’s true. All statistics back it up. The criminal statistics back it up. The statistics for single parent families back it up. The welfare rolls back it up. The school dropout records back it up. Ferguson is not a racial issue, it is a cultural issue. Somewhere along the lines, the Black family structure in America died.

2009 Arrest Statistics

2009 Arrest Statistics

This is also happening in the White America, but not as bad. But Black’s, they have decided that looking in the mirror is too difficult so they blame whites. Even though that statistics for police brutality against Black Americans is no higher than others and accounts for less than .01% of violence against Black’s.

Add these statistics to the neighborhoods that Black Americans congregate and the lack of an education, the easy access to drugs and alcohol. The free money given to them from the government which does nothing to help resolve these issues, it just encourages being lazy and it’s no wonder it’s so easy for them to fall into violence, any ethnicity would. But when 65% of them are raised without a father figure in their lives to teach them to respect authority and how to act as a man. Where these same adults demand respect where none is earned and then turn violent when it is not granted.

Combine all that, plus the atrocious Black on Black crime and then add the race hustlers like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan and they can’t even get the truth from these people of evil and greed. So they blame the Whites. because in a time before they were even born, someone distantly related to them might have been a slave.

Louis Farrakhan

Louis Farrakhan

They are not educated enough to know that this country fought a civil war over them. That this country granted them equality under the law. Financial equality, racial equality, civil equality. American’s died to give them these freedoms that they toss on the ground and spit on and whine that they don’ have the same freedoms as Whites. That the justice system is geared against them. That white cops wake up everyday and get dressed and think to themselves “I am going to go shoot me a Black man today.”

They don’t seem to understand that the police profile them, and interact with them the way they do, because they are causing them to! It’s no different then Israel profiling Arabs. If you are constantly being attacked by a specific race, eventually you have to profile that race because they are a legitimate threat. They have proven it historically over and over and over. It is no different for Black Americans. If you are shooting each other at a rate double what everyone else is, and you have a population that is half of what another race is, what are the people that are supposed to maintain the peace supposed to do? Show you respect when it isn’t earned? Leave you be because you think you should be? Not react when you give them shit? That’s not real life.

Life is not a big party. Respect is earned, not given. There are thousands of examples of Black Americans that strove and overcame life’s hardships and lived and are living the ‘American Dream”. The Allen West’s, Dr. Ben Carson’s, Herman Cain’s and on and on. But for most Black’s, it’s easier to sit around and take free money from the government. To not get an education, because using your brain to learn is hard and then blame it on someone else, not understanding that the very crap you do reflects the very same reason you’re profiled in the first place. It also demonstrates that you and your race are no different then any other, including the ones you blame for your issues.

So in conclusion, Ferguson has sickened me to the Black issue. It’s time for Liberals to release their grip on Black America and for Black Americans to look into the mirror and resolve their own self respect issues. Because Ferguson has shown me that a majority of Black Americans seem to hate White Americans because of nothing more than the color of their skin and something that happened a hundred years ago. If they only put as much effort as they did into the rioting and protesting in Ferguson to staying or getting married to the Black women they impregnate. Or to staying in school and getting an education or into getting a job and learning self respect through hard work. Stop trying to take the easy route by robbery or selling drugs or taking welfare. Then, maybe, my opinion will change back to the belief I have held my entire life; that all Americans are equal and hard work and ethics brings self respect, the respect of others and a harmonious society.

God Bless the Doctor Ben Carson’s or America. Shown that even with adversity, anger and poverty; an education, family structure, hard work and self control can earn the American Dream.

Until then, this is the Ferguson’s of the USA.

PS. I am not a racist. I am an American that is upset that people do not take personal responsibilities upon themselves to better their lot in life. I don’t make a lot of money. I used to make a good amount, but life, as usual, set that back. Now I make almost as much money as I started working almost 20 years ago, but I strive on and I do what I can because my family needs me to. Starting over is hard, but I hope that with time, I can get back to were I was, or at least be set with a good retirement, but who knows. But I want it to be know, that while the Black’s in Ferguson pissed me off to know end, I do not hate all Black people. My best friends are Black and they agree with me on the insanity of the losers that rioted, looted and basically called for the death of an officer that as time goes on it is more and more likely that Michael Brown was the aggressor in this event and not officer Darrin Wilson.

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  1. McKenna
    January 29, 2019 at 4:24 pm

    You are racist you hate black people so you. can’t say that America doesn’t I’m appalled you think all black people do drugs and live to terrorise white people wake up this is 2019 I’m. adopted by white people and white surpremacist like you disgust them and me

  2. McKenna
    January 29, 2019 at 4:26 pm

    And you can’t talk about how uneducated we are you have a million grammatical errors in this lol try again

  3. McKenna
    January 29, 2019 at 4:28 pm

    There’s also more white people in prison then there are black people

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