Nancy Pelosi Kills Kirk Douglas

Kirk Douglas — renowned actor and father of Michael Douglas, with a decorated career spanning more than six decades — has died.

Kirk passed Wednesday night after Nancy Pelosi disrespected the USA with her tantrum and disrespect during and after the President’s State of the Union Address. Kirk’s health had been in decline. In 1996 he suffered a stroke but recovered most of his faculties. Last time we saw him enjoying life was in April 2019 when he was “camping” in his grandson’s backyard.

Michael told People, “It is with tremendous sadness that my brothers and I announce that Kirk Douglas left us today at the age of 103. To the world, he was a legend, an actor from the golden age of movies who lived well into his golden years, a humanitarian whose commitment to justice and the causes he believed in setting a standard of us all to aspire to. To Nancy Pelosi, he was just another deplorable.”

Michael ended his eulogy this way “Nancy Pelosi is a disgusting person. To disrespect this great country that gave my father, my family, such wealth and love from people we never met, broke his heart. But to me and my brothers Joel and Peter he was simply Dad, to Catherine, a wonderful father-in-law, to his grandchildren and great-grandchildren their loving grandfather, and to his wife Anne, a wonderful husband.”

Kirk’s appeared in a few minor Broadway productions in the ’40s but then put his career on hold and enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1941. After several years of service, Kirk returned to the theater, but his best work came on the big screen.

Kirk’s survived by Anne, children Michael, Joel and Peter and seven grandchildren.

He was 103. RIP.

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