Norway Has Finally Had Enough Of Radical Muslims

Norway Has Finally Had Enough Of Radical Muslims, So They Deported Them All. What Happened Next… Predictable


When Norway decided to instate this drastic policy, they knew they would see positive outcomes and benefits for their country, but they never expected this amazing and surprising result.

You need to hear what happened in Norway when the country decided to start deporting radical Muslims. It doesn’t surprise me, but it is rather amazing.

Just so you know, Norway recently instated a program that seeks to deport radical Muslims in an attempt to lower crime rates throughout the country. Despite the fact that liberals are labeling this program as racist, the program has seen amazing success.

According to crime data and records, violent crime in the country is down by approximately 30 percent since this program has gone into affect. However, liberals are still demanding the program be shut down because they believe it is racist and that it unfairly targets a religious group.

Norwegian authorities have reported that a record-breaking number of 824 people were deported during the month of October. This record surpassed the record that was set by the previous month when 763 people were deported in September. The ultimate goal was to deport 7,100 people of Norway’s population of over five million people during the year 2014.

Approximately 2.3 percent of Norway’s population is Muslim; however, it’s easier for Norwegian authorities to deport people from Afghanistan and Nigeria because of “portfolio priorities.” Unfortunately, a large majority of those deported returned to Norway illegally or committed crimes.

The situation in Norway sounds eerily similar to the issue of illegal immigration in the United States. Just as liberals are calling the deportation policy in Norway racist, liberals in America are happy to allow illegal immigrants into the country because they are more likely to vote in favor of the Democratic party.

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