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PTR 91 Customized .308 Caliber Sniper Rifle

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Only surpassed by my AR15 SBR Rifle, this is my second favorite rifle, the H&K 91, err, I mean the PTR Industries PTR 91 KFM4R!

Ever since I shot my friends H&K 91 I fell in love with this monster. These rifles will go through Hell and come back and still shoot as the day they shot their first test fire. This rifle has had the most modifications done to it. So with that said, here we go!

First off, this rifle was coated before the days of customized Cerakote, or at least where it was affordable to do. So I went with the next best option, Duracoat. I had a customized technique done called Hydro-Dipping of the Kryptek Typhoon pattern on it. The barrel and upper receiver were all done in the DuraHeat, which is the high temperature version of DuraCoat. This is because the round and the rate of fire and the ejection mechanism can create a lot of friction and heat and no one wants their gun coating falling off from heat. The pattern was done in a darkened version of the Kryptek pattern to maintain the black rifle look, but in direct sunlight or closer examination, people will see the Kryptek pattern and it just adds that more wow factor. The DuraHeat and coating was done by Drowning Ink Customs. In the future, depending on how the finish lasts, I might change it over to Cerakote, but for now I am happy with it. I also had the inside Cerakoted with the Slick coating to reduce friction inside the rifle, which should reduce wear and tear and keep it functioning for a long time.

The second thing that was done to the rifle, was the modification of the upper receiver. I had the HK PSG-1 T-Bars welded onto it by a US Army gunsmith to add strength and stabilization for those very long shots; basically turning the rifle into an HK PSG-1 sniper rifle. The accuracy of the rifle is amazing with the reinforcement there is now sway or bending. I also had a brass deflector welded on to adjust the brass so it doesn’t do the 35 foot arc that normal HK 91’s do.

I also had some trigger work done by Bill Springfield, one of if not the best trigger experts for these rifles. He trimmed the trigger for the sniper configuration down to a sweet 3.8 LBS trigger pull. Meaning almost no finger pull from having to squeeze to pull the trigger. The rifle also has an AR 15 style lower instead of the normal HK assemble, so I can put on AR 15 grips as I find ones I like. I can also revert back to the standard configuration which also has a Bill Springfield trigger work done, but it is a little higher pull pressure, this can go with the collapsible stock or standard stock as preference. I only have a few images of those configurations yet, but I will put them more up eventually. Most of the parts for the modifications were purchased from or RTG Parts.

Along with those modifications I have some assorted accessories on it that I will eventually getting around to listing, but you can see most of them in the pictures and I hope to get more images soon now that the case is here and ready to be cut to fit the rile and accessories (once I cut it all out after I measure it). So I hope you enjoy the images!
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