Repetative Gun Control is not a Solution

Many of you support increasing gun control, even outright bans on private ownership. Many of you will state your motivation is to save innocent lives. Your intent is both good and just. Innocent lives deserve protection. On this we agree.

Where we diverge is how we achieve that goal. I do not believe further restricting legal gun ownership will in anyway, ever, achieve that objective. History is certainly on my side. Worldwide, gun registration has lead to confiscation, which has led to mass slaughter of people groups, usually at the hand of the very government which disarmed them.

Even apart from government tyranny, evil people walk among us. They are every where; interspersed among the population. While true guns are often their weapon of choice, and while also true if the government had prevented them from obtaining guns, they would be rendered unable to carry out their evil deeds with a gun, it does not in any way follow that gun control would mitigate the threat they pose to innocent life. Vehicles, knives, explosives, toxic chemicals, bludgeoning implements, have and can all be utilized as weapons to inflict harm and loss on others. More people each year are bludgeoned to death than are killed by rifles. More people each year die in vehicle accidents than are killed with guns of any kind. Even absent firearms, evil people will kill. 9/11 is a stark example. Shall we ban box cutters and airplanes?

Firearm ownership is widespread in America, and guns are everywhere. To think a ban would reduce the threat of gun violence is, in my opinion, pure folly. Can one put a banana back into its peel? Even if we curtail legal gun and ammo sales, those with criminal intent will find black market guns, or manufacturer them in garage and basement shops. Or they will simply utilize other tools to inflict harm

The American “gun nut”, the NRA, or other 2A supporters, is often excoriated for enabling mass slaughter. I’ve read one commentator who asked, “How many children must sacrifice their lives on the altar of gun rights for the NRA?”. Preposterous. To ask such a question is utterly irrational. Shame on you if that’s what you think. I love my family, I love my children, and I would surrender my life to save them. I highly value innocent life, and would always intervene to help someone in dire need. The vast majority of responsible gun owners feel the same.

America’s fascination with guns is not rooted in the gun. That is a common fallacious charge often stated by those against firearms. Rather, the belief in private gun ownership is founded upon ideals of individual liberty, self-reliance, and the value of human life. Just as guns are an easily obtained tool that can be acquired to kill, so to those same guns ought to be easily acquired and employed by those wishing to preserve life from those who would wrongly take life. Should evildoers attempt to inflict loss of innocent life, free individuals ought to be allowed to equip themselves with the best available tools to secure their own safety, and that of their fellow citizens. That is the natural state of humankind, the state in which an individual finds himself apart from governance. Hence, our constitutional framers termed gun ownership as a natural right.

The support our society provides for police and military forces is defacto acknowledgement that firearms, employed by the right kind of people, preserves life and liberty. Just as we acknowledge evil walks among us, if we are intellectually honest, we must also acknowledge that the right kind of people make up the majority of our citizenry. Our daily news, and own life experiences, are replete with examples of good samaritans – fellow citizens of all races, genders, and walks of life – who will intervene to help a fellow citizen in need. These good people are not a threat to society, but a blessing. If you are anti-gun, think on this – the woman in the workstation next to yours, the man ahead of you at the grocery checkout, the school administrator at your children’s school, these are the good people gun owners that may at some point intervene to save your life, or that of someone you love. But not if you disarm them with gun control restrictions.

Yesterday’s murders in Aurora IL serve as a tragic reminder of the evil that walks among us, and the utter impotence of government force to stop them. Police can do little more than pick up the bodies after the deed is done. Was there a conceal carry permit holder on site that day? Could a good guy with a gun have intervened, and saved lives? Stating so is pure speculation. However, as the attached picture shows, the business establishment policy is that they don’t want a good guy with a gun. A good guy with a gun is no guarantee, but certainly presents an opportunity. Banning the good guy with the gun guarantees significantly reduced opportunity to save lives.

I’ll never understand why anyone would desire being left defenseless.

If it’s your genuine desire to preserve and protect innocent life, I implore you, please consider my views. We share the same objective. Let’s get real about how to achieve it. Clearly, gun control is not working.9

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