SBR 045

Finally got around to building my suppressed short barrelled rifle. The rifle has a bunch of cool stuff but some of the stuff is:

AAC 762-SDN-6 Suppressor
AAC 300 Blackout Upper with KAC Rail SBR Knights 9.5″ Barrel
Tac-Con Select Fire Trigger Group
Umbrella Corporation SBR Lower
Umbrella Corporation Grip 23 Minimalist
VLTOR A5 Stock with A7 Tube
Phase 5 Tactical
EoTech XPS2-Z Zombie HWS Biohazard
Magpul 40 Round Mag
Some 45 offset backup Iron Sights, though I have since removed them, didn’t work as I wanted them to. Need to use them on a longer rifle.

Now it just needs to be Cerekoted and all set!

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